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    My partner and I are New York City based and have developed an innovative turn-key software application for an existing technology that is used amongst many institutions, hedge funds, and proprietary day trading firms.

    We have spent the past 8 months developing this technology along with full optimization on back-testing making sure our application works seamlessly and efficiently with firms current needs. Not only has our software surpassed our competitors, we now have a demand for this application from several trading firms and we would like to take it to full commercialization.

    We are seeking an Angel Investor/Private Investor who would be interested in meeting with us and discussing details. We are seeking an estimated seed capital of $50,000-$75,000, details can be discussed. If interested please send us an email, we look forward to speaking with you.

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    I pm'ed you yesterday.
  3. WOW no details with a Nigerian style email. And you only want 50k!!!! Oh wait and you have a random gmail email, this is the best!
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    Sorry we are not obviously able to give details at this time until we fully deploy our application commercially. Serious inquiries only.

    Thank you
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    Heech, we have responded. Thanks
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    We appreciate the emails and prefer you live in the New York City metro area.
  7. Prefering the location of your investors is highly unusual.
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    We are rather new to seeking an Angel Investor, we think it's best to deal with someone we can meet with being we are based in NY. Thanks for your feedback.
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  10. ok, everyone runs their business as they see fit.

    good luck!
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