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  1. Yes I would buy if it had the heat map.

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  2. Yes I would buy, I dont like the heat map

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  3. No I would not buy, this gives me no benefit

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  4. No I would not buy, I have seen the same product for a better price

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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking to launch a very basic earnings calendar application for $9.99/mo. I need some advice on the design of the table. I am also running a poll to see if any of you would be interested in purchasing something like this as I am not to sure there is even a market. My over head for this including a website to take payments will be $200/mo

    Because of the low price, I don't think I'll be adding more variables/features to it. My main concern is how I should stylize the earnings table. So far I am thinking either a heat map or coloured font. This is an example of how the heat map would look.

    I also don't know how it runs on different systems, so if you would be kind enough to report any bugs/ down time that would be very much appreciated.

    If you vote or give feedback send me a PM and i'll make sure to give you one month free :D

    Lastly, I have not added anything to the "Documentation" page because nothing is set in stone. For the liquidity variable (10 means liquid 1 means not liquid). Thanks a lot everyone.

    here is the link to website. Keep in mind there are no earnings today so you have to change the date!

    Ps. If you guys also have advice on building a website or know of a reasonable digital marketing company to design the site for me please let me know.
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  2. srinir


    I am not seeing color coded heat map in your link
  3. Overnight


    The color-coded heat map is in the main post. No need for a link.
  4. Yes no heat map right now srinir, it's plain. I am not to sure if I should add a heat map. I showed some of my friends and they think it's to busy. The picture is just an example of what it would look like. What do you think should I add one in?
  5. srinir


    No. Plain is better, just wanted to make sure link is correct.

    Your competition is mainly Their subscription is about $20 with more content.

    * How are you defining Liquidity? I am assuming it is based on stock and option volume. Is it possible separate it out and let the user define it

    * Implied move number is different compared to say Optionslam numbers. Probably you have to explain in documentation, how you arrived it

    * Average move: Average of what ? (12 qtrs, entire history?)
  6. I used to subscribe to them last summer when they were charging 30/mo. It looks like they dropped their price and increased their content.

    Yes, ill add all that in the documentation. Is there anything over @ optionslam you wish they had? Instead of matching their with content, Id rather give something new to the market that they don't provide.
  7. srinir


    IV rank and Skew percentile is good one, which they don't provide. P/C ratio, I personally don't use it, but for others it might be useful.

    I personally interested in numbers like Opening gap %, Same qtr move for the last 4 qtrs ( 4 Last 1st qtr move )and past 4 qtrs earnings (Last year moves) along with average move (entire history or 12 qtrs), past average expected move and average volatility change (either %ge wise or vol. points)

    Just looked at CLR, your page says last move was zero. That doesn't seem to be right
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  8. Thanks for pointing that out. ORATS has a few flaws in their historical earnings dates which skews some of the numbers. I'll have to cross check before it goes live.

    I have data for that stuff but I wanted to make this as simple as possible and charge a low fee. For example have you seen . They charge 99/mo currently on sale 40/mo (or that could just be a marketing tactic). They are super simple and have a very clean interface. OptionSlam is tailored to more sophisticated traders like yourself.

    BTW how many people would you guess subscribe to optionslam?
  9. srinir


    Ha. Not sure about sophisticated part.

    I just looked at Not sure why i would pay $99. Interface probably much cleaner compared to optionslam, but it is the same data and optionslam has much more features like historical straddle prices and post earnings moves.

    I have no clue about their subscription figures. They were established in 2006. So first mover advantage is definitely plus.

    I have seen skew percentile only in bloomberg. Have you backtested to see, whether skew percentile has any predictive power in predicting direction of the earnings move?
  10. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Ok, since I've been doing nothing but helping financial companies market their software and services online for over 20 years, this is pretty much my area of expertise.

    The biggest issue you are going to have with your entire project is going to be marketing it. In my past experience, most guys who build specialized apps like yours put almost every penny into the development of the product and then have virtually no money to market it. So eventually the project folds because there's no marketing plan to reach new customers.

    Maybe on a bare cost level, but you're not taking into consideration how much money you'll need to spend to acquire a customer. Have you thought about how you're going to find the dedicated options traders who would even be interested in such an app? Since there's going to be turnover in your subscription business, you'll need to seriously think about how you're going to constantly attract new customers to make up for the ones that have canceled.

    Furthermore, a $9.99 price point is way too low. That price point is assuming a very big potential market size, but in reality the market for that product is extremely small. And the primary reason is because your product is elective, and not essential.
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