Seeking Advice On Business Development in Areas of Trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by riskfreetrading, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Dear All,

    I have been issuing market calls for sometime on a blog. The results have been positive, but since you may not share my point of view let us assume that they have been positive and have a market value.

    I am in the process of thinking about how to leverage this work. I could see multiple ways to do this (in random order):

    1. sell market signals,
    2. provide newsletters,
    3. manage money,
    4. do consulting work for other funds,
    5. provide trading education services
    6. write books, and specialized focused material.
    7. Other? (please complete this list. Thank you)

    I am seeking advice, opinions on the above, and answers to some questions I currently have in mind. I will appreciate what you can offer in any of these areas.

    One aspect that I prefer not to get involved in myself is the operations of the business (billing, customer support, sales, etc) [as I think it is not the best possible use of my time and also as it may not impact positively on other professional interests (which are more academic/scientific in nature) ]

    I am therefore somewhat interested in a business model where such things are outsourced or in a business models in which I receive royalities (% of sales price), and have others run a business (or add to their business) based on what I offer.

    While I was testing the trading tools I developed, I learned the details of building and running an interest business. Since I know how to do it, I prefer to outsource it (in particular if the outsourcing firm possesses expertise in this area as this would lead to better communications, more efficiency/effectiveness, and better quality of work).

    If you have advice/information/interests/resources/etc related to the topics I touched on in this post, I will really appreciate it.

    If some of you are interested in a joined venture consideration, please let me know (PM me).

    If you are a service provider in areas related to the areas mentioned here, please contact me (PM me).

    Thank you!

    PS: opinions from users of such services are also very welcome. So complaint before the design of the services.