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    Hi all,

    I know that Elitetrader can be a good resource for matters in the finance world, so I decided to make this post. I started a small venture that has a significant trading element in it but it is in a world of its own when compared to your standard stock or futures trading fund. Long term outlook is to grow it into a larger operation structured as a niche hedge fund.

    The basic premise of the venture is investing into tradable renewable attributes of renewable energy systems and realizing returns on an annual basis. It's a new & emerging market, which is naturally scary to most potential investors. I have put my own capital behind this (not an astronomical sum by any means) and have started this on a small scale just so that I can get it going and building a track record. This is where I invest any free cash flow from employment as well.

    As I have been originating more deals that fit the profit goals, I do to raise more investor capital in order to finance them. I have went through the friends & family route, which is yielding some slow results, but I do realize that I need to hit every viable route. I have spoken with a few angels, but this concept is not too attractive to them as they tend to like investment in actual companies with an IPO or buyout exit, rather than venture that is meant to build out into a niche hedge fund. I would like to find an investor that is familiar with the hedge fund industry and would make a great partner in the venture aside from being a source of capital. Maybe someone here can help direct me to a good source or even a resource where I can screen for the right firms. I am not asking for a hand-out, just some help with finding leads so I can go knock on some doors. Maybe someone may know the names of some firms that like low buy-in and innovative concepts.
    A venture like this takes a certain open-minded and forward thinking attitude at this stage, and the average FoF or hedge fund will not give it any attention for a variety of reasons. But I know that if I knock on enough doors, the right investors are out there.

    If anyone can be of help, I would really appreciate it. Feel free to PM me or just post in thread, if you have questions or feel like flaming me.
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    Also, I forgot to add, if someone can recommend other forums which may be helpful in my information search, I would appreciate it. I was thinking might be useful.