seeking a programmer/developer in NYC?

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  1. If you are a programmer/developer in NYC and have worked with integrating real-time market data into a website please contact me.


  2. Isn't webbased trading from 1998? Why in heavens name would you want to cross a website with realtime data? Seems oximoronic.
  3. Its now quite doable with the latest DHTML technologies like Silverlight and Adobe Air.
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    Neither MS Silverlight or Adobe AIR are DHTML technologies. Furthermore, Adobe AIR is a desktop runtime. You're thinking of Adobe Flex.

    Adobe Flex and MS Silverlight are rich-Internet technologies and provide a compelling alternative to HTML-based interfaces delivered by a web-browser. If you'd rather stick to HTML-based technology, AJAX can offer the kind of rich experience you are after.

    For delivering real-time quotes to a browser (whether using Silverlight, Flex or AJAX), server-side push technology is required. COMET is the most likely candidate.

    One of the more well known COMET solutions is Lightstreamer:

    Their homepage has a decent example using AJAX.

    There are many other alternatives though if required.
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    HTML 5 WebSockets is here as well.