seeking a new spiritual path, how about

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  1. worship the Fire.....?
    Send no money, join no church, go out camp and make a nice bonfire....

    Although the term "fire-worshippers" is primarily associated with Zoroastrians, the idea that Zoroastrians worship fire is originally from anti-Zoroastrian polemic.

    Among the ancient Chaldean alchemist fire was worshipped before all other elements for its life giving and purifying characteristics. This notion was also found among the Druids and other ancient societies in the east and in the pagan west.

    Fire is also an element of theophany in the Hebrew Bible (Burning Bush, Pillar of Fire). Additionally, the Biblical Hebrew language is sometimes referred to as "the flame alphabet" because many devout Jews believe that the Torah is the literal word of God written in fire. The Holy Spirit in Christianity is described as "tongues of flame".

    When one begins to contemplate about "Fire" as a base element one becomes chagrined where the fire comes from (aside from the chemical reaction) and where it goes after it gets extinguished? Really! It is very perplexing if one meditates on this deeply. This very idea likely gave the notion to think about Fire as a theophany (means an appearance of God to man, or a divine disclosure).
    However when one begins on this journey no long before one realizes the fire as a metaphor of the Cosmic Fire, the Universal concept that overshadows earthly fire.
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    Must have been a sight to see,
    better than TV.

    Children of Israel led thru wilderness, ;
    pillar fire at nite;
    pillar of cloud by day, like a shade tree in desert:cool: Cool.

    And big event in new testament, tongues of fire/flame on believers at Jerusalem, during pentecost, [ pentecost means 50].
    Hal Lindsy says that was onother way God let the Children of Israel know the same fire that led them by by nite,
    was now living on inside of believers,

  3. very interesting thoughts.....