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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to code two related projects:

    1) a backtester which can accept different parameters (ie, stop types and levels, and parameters for different technical studies), the interate through a range of values for each parameter, testing each in combination with other parameter values, to optimize results on a given security.

    2) An autotrader which integrates with the REDI order-entry system and which can handle position management.

    If interested, or if you know of anyone who might be, please send a message to my mailbox here at EliteTrader!

    Thanks very much.

  2. VTtrader,

    Do you realize that - like perhaps many on this board - you probably don't have the foggiest notion about where you want to go.

    If you believe that all what you require is a "coder" to mechanize your "money making pipedreams" into some kind of money pumping robot, I wish you good luck! I'm sure you'll find many experienced loser-developers offering their services. A man truly capable of "coding" together something pumping real money would have to be completely nuts to do this for you.

    May you pump lots of money while you sleep. :D
  3. No prob. Got ya covered on (1):

    You just have to be a Fido customer, or get an old copy.
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    What does that mean? Fido?
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    Holy snacks, nononsense!

    Why so hostile? For one thing, you've misunderstood what I'm asking for--most definitely NOT a 'black box' or a 'money maker', but a backtester. This is a very common feature of many trading applications; it's merely that I want some functionality not found all that often. CQG offers an iterative backtester, but their's doesn't have quite the features I want, is all.

    Nor do I recall saying anything about 'money making pipedreams'. Again, I have no idea why you are so hostile, since I've never talked to you before, but my partner is a longtime (26 years) professional floor and office trader who is simply interested in testing some ideas on different financial instruments. I don't think he indulges in 'pipedreams' since he is both risk-averse (which is why he wants the backtester) and extremely methodical, as evidenced by his well-padded bank account.

    So, again, I'm not sure why you adopted the attitude you did, but it's way, way off the mark, as are your assumptions about what I'm asking for.
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    If you don't get something that is canned, this is a non-trivial project.

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    Just FYI, this is potentially a fairly big project you are asking for.

    Also, in order to get serious programmers interested in bidding on your project, you should write a detailed outline for all of the functionality you need. From what you have written so far it would be hard for a serious professional to have any idea what to bid for such a project. This will also help you to organize your own thoughts.

    Here are some obvious high-level things that need to be specified:

    * What platform will the software run on?
    * What type of user interface will you require (GUI or command-line)?
    * How will the trading-systems be scripted?

    These are just 3 big things that stand out to me. There are many other low-level details that also need to be specified.
  9. Yeah, this is exactly what I want! :D

    Lemme know when you find'em.

  10. Why rewrite the book? Amibroker is capable of custom backtesting routines via the custom backtester interface.
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