Seeking a C# Programmer

Discussion in 'Programming' started by threelegs, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for an experienced C# programmer to help me finish up some code. Although not necessary, In an ideal world, you will have experience with Tradelink. At the very least, you must be interested in working with Tradelink.

    I developed these automated liquidity providing equity strategies while employed elsewhere, but have decided to go out and trade on my own. I've finished re-writing most of it, but there is some to go. The firm that is providing me with trading capital is anxious to get running, and in the interest of getting it done in a reasonable amount of time, I'm seeking assistance.

    I prefer compensation via a profit participation model, but open to other options discussed privately and not in this thread. I will not post it here, but would be willing to provide more than a years worth of live broker statements demonstrating the effectiveness of these strategies. That and along with the fact that I will have access to more than 10x the buying power should show you that an equity stake would actually mean something.

    Besides being financially rewarded, this is an opportunity for someone with strong C# programming skills to learn bits and pieces of a real strategy. One that actually works.

    If you are interested in hearing more, send me a PM.

    Thank you.