seeking 400-1 or HIGHER leverage Forex Brokers

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by increasenow, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. seeking 400-1 or HIGHER leverage Forex Brokers...HELP me find them!!!
  2. I found a group who used leverage.
  3. How many things are you tradnig, I thought you were just looking for 500 dollar margins at your broker Global, and you thought cl margins were to high most places? Try GFT 400-1 , ig markets 700-1 they will be glad to take your money! Becareful
  4. clacy


    This guy is a fake. I'm pretty certain that he posts in order to stir up trouble/push buttons, etc.

    I knew exactly who it was when I saw the title. He has probably posted two dozen times asking which broker has day trading margins (futures) sub-$500.

    Always with a few !!!!! after each request.

    By now, if he were for real, he would have investigated every single broker on the planet.
  5. BINGO... IGMarkets is exactly what I was looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!...thanks!!