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  1. Looking for intra day charts that shows back as many days as I may need; and not necessarily a time frame directly previous to the current day. Something that is customizable to specified days. For instance, yahoo provides 1day, 5day, 3months, 1year, 3year, 5years on each of their charts, which limits me if I want intra day charts going back a couple of weeks on any given currency pair. What I require is to specify days and be able to print the intra day activity on those specific days (for example; say I wanted to print out 10 intra day charts from Sept 5 - Sept 14 in consecutive order; i.e. a ten day span of intraday activity(ten being an example). Also, I don't want just the open/close of the day as yahoo now provides this on their beta charts link where you can specify days past (but without it showing intra day activity)....need to look at all of the intra day activity on any given day going back more than 5 days which yahoo's old charts have always provided.
    Does anyone know where/how I can obtain this kind of customizable chart on the web? Need it to be printable too.

    here's the type of chart needed, yet as described above...

    something web based that can be printed at a remote location when travelling, etc...
  2. Tradestation
  3. something web based that can be done at a remote location when travelling, etc...