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Discussion in 'Trading' started by funky, May 3, 2003.

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    one of the things that i'm excited about is traveling around the world and being able to continue 'working'. how many people here have done something like this, where you spend a few weeks/months in one city or another and then move on? kinda of like an endless vacation trip.

    what kinds of places do you have to stay in? i would imagine the places would have to have one thing in common -- a fast internet connection. is this a problem in certain places? if so, how have you overcome this?

    interested in hearing responses -- any experience or story related to this would be great to hear!!

  2. That 's one of my goal too once I reach a big account size. So far I 've lived and traded in the U.S., European continent, and the UK. I am not too interested in traveling or short stay but in living in the most beautiful places in the world. IMO traveling is the product of our consumption society: take the plane hit the beach and go back to work 2 weeks later. Pretty dumb IMO. There is nothing like spending years somewhere to learn about the language, lifestyle, women etc.

    All you need is a laptop, you could carry a second LCD monitor. As far as setting up a connection the problem might be about credit history and long term contracts. I found it easier in the US.You may have trouble opening a bank account too in some countries (the UK is a nightmare!) But while you wait to be all set you can still trade. I traded from cybercafes or universities, and have done research in public libraries.