Seeing the Trend

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  1. I am using a new indicator that colors the Trend so you can see it.
    I will attach four screen shots for you to have a look at yesterdays action. i wont bother telling you how it works, it should be obvious from the pics.

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    oh, no bother at all ! go on , tell us!
  3. Seems I can only post 1 pic at a time, here is the second.
    If any one has a particular fx market and time they would like to see just ask and I will try and get a pic uploaded for you.
  4. zip attached contains some screenshots including a 60min EURUSD
  5. This is the most sensible indicator I have seen so far. The focus of an aspiring trend trader really should be about recognizing trend patterns and learning to distinguish short-term bounces from real rallies. Your indicator definitely assists you in accomplishing this task.
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    Is there any way to hearing the trend?
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    I've found your posts to be exceptionally useless, yet astonishingly amusing. Hence you will stay out of my ignore list :D Cheers, mate.
  8. Thank you MarseCell.

    Any way traders if your color blind the MyStyle 5 setting on the new indicator I am using might be of interest.

    Image attached
  9. How much? $$$$$$$$
  10. How does it do during a range bound market? :D
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