SEED was yesterday, is today FEED?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by detective, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. First there was SEED, today there is FEED. This mania is outta control, I tell ya, outta control!!

    AgFeed Industries Approved for Listing On the Nasdaq Global Market, Transferring From the Current Nasdaq Capital Market; Stock Symbol Remains 'FEED'
  2. You can't stop SEED or FEED, you can only hope to contain them.
  3. This POS finally decided to get pumped hard today. Missed it....
  4. Any news? Fade this?
  5. I don't know. These solars and Ag plays can make or break you in either direction.

    Who knows, maybe a continuous pump a la CSUN style?
  6. Look at this POS run. $10 may break the tape again....
  7. Getting serious PM play and a follow through pump carry over. ( I have no position).
  8. Daal


    5% seems a small move for this type of announcement, anyone buying it
  9. No shares available to short.
  10. Just saw this ticker again. I didn't have the balls to buy the dip recently again. POS got pumped now to $11.20. F'n Ag fever....
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