Seed to Tree Bearing Fruit

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  1. My journal will be about trying what works and what doesn't work for me in this trading environment. Hopefully, I can learn from all the informative threads in this forum.
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    Welcome @BoxCarTrader13 -- Many do not realize how much can be learned from following Journals. I found that when you watch a GOOD journal (emphasis on Good) there is much to learn from others trades. Important: the trades must be timely-- that is immediately when you enter or exit and Must be clear with a posted entry and target price (when you are expect to exit a trade with a profit) . Also a 'good journal Includes the the stop location (indicating what you are risking per entry). Most post just as if they are trading only 1 lots (One contract on Futures or 100 shares on equities). So if you follow these "rules" for posting you will benefit others as well as finding the Journal an absolute excellent training for you as a trader. It is benifiting due to your OBLIGATION and commitment shown to following a disciplined trading system and will prove the systems ability to consistently earn profits. Best of Luck.

    Another benefit will hopefully provide you with some useful comments. Ignore the agitators they contribute Nothing so enjoy your Journal and welcome again...
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    you should grow a tree first.

    99.9% of the seeds die with nothing to show for.
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  4. kinda reminds me of all the millions, only but one gets to fertilize the egg?
  5. I need to decide what platform to use, currently, I'm looking at Ninjas specials for the month of April and Amp Futrures. Hoping to make a decision by the end of the week.
  6. Thank you for your advice.
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    Are you currently trading with real money?
  8. No, the incorrect assumption is that I'll immediately start running and making the big bucks. Unfortunately, as dozu888 alluded to, I have to make sure my seed is good. So for right now, I have decided to try Ninja because of its April special. I don't know anything about this trading platform other than it's popular among traders. I'll see how if it works for me. I don't have time to get stuck in analysis paralysis in deciding a brokerage. It's like dating, you have to kick the tires sort of speak to know how it drives.
  9. Kind of like sea turtles:)
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    Ninja has a special deal with Amp? That would be news.
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