See Zimmerman reenact Travyon shooting

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  1. If Zimmerman can make a jury believe the explanation that he provides in this reenactment then he will likely be declared not guilty at the trial.
  2. 1.Martin was on foot and Zimmerman was in driving.The scene of the crime was only accessible by foot showing Zimmerman was the aggressor

    2.IIRC Zimmerman said he got out of his truck to get the address to give to police,but they are in the BACK of the units

    3.Zimmerman is a liar who has proven he's willing to lie to a judge and a court of law
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    "Zimmerman repeatedly told police that Trayvon Martin sucker-punched him, tried to suffocate him and bashed his head into the concrete to the point it felt his "head was going to explode." He said Martin tried to take his gun from him before saying: "You're going to die tonight, motherf ...."

    But Serino wondered why Zimmerman's skull wasn't fractured, why he didn't know the street names of a tiny neighborhood where he'd lived for three years and why he had no defensive wounds on his hands. Serino got him to acknowledge what Martin's parents and lawyers have said all along: that Zimmerman got out of his car that night not so much to check for an address to give police, but to find out where the teen went.

    "That was a kid with a future, a kid with folks that care. Not a goon," Serino said. "In his mind's eye, he perceived you as a threat. He has every right to defend himself."


    "Hinting that Zimmerman had left something out of his account, Serino asked over and over why Martin would have been so enraged as to deck a perfect stranger. Zimmerman, he suggested, had chased him.

    "You wanted to catch him. You wanted to catch the bad guy, the f. . . -g punk who can't get away," Serino said, referring to words Zimmerman used on his call to police.

    At one point, Zimmerman answered: "I wasn't following him; I was just going in the same direction he was."

    Serino retorted: "That's following."

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  4. I understand that trendlover and a few other hate mongers are so obssessed with this case, they can't think straight, but WTF does some podunk town Barney Fife detective's questions have to do with anything? He wasn' t there. He doesn't know jack shit about what happened. He is just trying to push Zimmerman's buttons, play on some remorse and get him to say something incriminating.

    Zimmerman's injuries are totally consistent with his version of events. Travyon was not some model kid either. if he felt threatened, why didn't he hightail it for his house, which was very close by? Instead, he hid and waited for Zimmerman.

    There is a lesson here for us all. If you are in this type of situation, it's ok to tell the police you were attacked and defended yourself. If they want to sit you down for an interrogation however, decline and ask if you are free to leave. If they say you are not, then demand an attorney and refuse to say anything else. This is particularly true if you suffered head trauma, as Zimmerman did. You certainly should not be answering police questions when suffering the effects of a concussion. You will be prone to get events garbled, which will then be held up as examples of inconsistencies.
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    I respect that you are allowing your outlook towards this killing to evolve as you assimilate new information that comes out.

    Perhaps I was wrong when I said that your mind was closed on this subject.

    My apology is offered, regardless.
  6. "In the written statement, Zimmerman writes, "I felt the suspect reach for my now exposed firearm and say, "You're gonna die tonight MF." Zimmerman continues, "I unholstered my firearm in fear for my life as I was sure he was going to kill me and fired one shot into his torso."


    "In his reenactment Zimmerman is inconsistent again. He tells us he didn't think he shot Trayvon.


    Yet you just read in the written statement he has no doubt and knows exactly where he shot him!! I think anyone can see the truth here, when you compare statements.

    From the reenactment:

    ...I felt like his arm going down to my side and I grabbed it, and I just grabbed my firearm and shot it one time...I shot him and I didn’t think I hit him because he sat up and said, “okay, you got me. You got it, you got it"…something like that. So I thought he was just saying, “I know you have a gun now, I heard it…I’m giving up.”
  7. "Another glaring problem with Zimmerman’s statements surfaced between the audio tape and the video reenactment. At 13:32 in the audio statement Zimmerman states he was returning back from the other side of the cut through (see image above) when Trayvon jumped out at him from the bushes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to note that there are no bushes big enough to hide behind that are close to the walk. Here is another snap of the video reenactment with the detective in the image standing where Zimmerman says Martin came from. Clearly there are no bushes."


    "Worse ye, at 21:11 of the audio tape he lets slip a detail. He says Martin was apparently upset he called the police. Now how would Martin know Zimmerman called the police? How much you want to bet the confrontation was longer and had a lot of exchanges, including Zimmerman telling Martin he called the police and his gun out trying to detain the boy?"
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    getting out of his vehicle does NOT necessarily prove Zimmerman was the aggressor

    So is Obama, yet you have no problem defending him at every turn.
  9. 1.Zimmerman is not some model citizen .He has a criminal complaint for assaulting a female,was convicted of assaulting a law enforcement officer , fired from a job for being to aggressive ,wife charged with perjury for conspiring with him for lying to a judge and court of law

    2.Why didn't Zimmerman stay in his truck and not pursue Martin as the 911 operator advised

    3.No proof Martin hid and waited. More likely Martin was standing his ground against Zimmerman since the facts show Zimmerman was pursing Martin

    In a case that comes down to the credibility of 1 witness who has a criminal complaint for assaulting a female,was convicted of assaulting a law enforcement officer , fired from a job for being to aggressive and proven to have lied to a judge and court of law it doesn't look good for Zimmerman
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