See Ya Rudy

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    He's probably done - the money isn't there and his business dealings since being mayor can't withstand any wider scrutiny.

    He might very well be an able VP pick though.

    The next one that needs to go away is Romney. And he will once the broader electorate has a look at him.

    McCain is the man. I've said it for a year.
  2. I guess you would liketo see more illegals in your neghborhood and american worker f...d more then ever .
    Cain is status quo guy, Romney might change the corruption in Washington. Cain is the part of it .
  3. i think romney will get the criminal republican nomination. i wish mccain would though but i dont think they want his baggage exposed. he will get his ass torn up if he wins the nomination. what a filthy scumbag.
  4. Don't care about immigrants or what lettuce and meat and crappy subdivision houses would cost w/o them. And haven't both parties in border states been winking at Mexicans for years - Bush, McCain and all the Dems down there too? American workers don't want those jobs picking vegetables. The jobs they want are the ones the Japs and to a lesser extent the rest of Asia are killing us on. Lettuce isn't a high value product - a Toyota is - simple as that.

    Anyway McCain is electable imo - that's what the Republicans ought to be focusing on. Romney isn't because of the religion thing, his wealth and trying to buy the Presidency. He should start out as a running mate to McCain. Something like what was brokered with Reagan and Bush Sr. It might also be a good idea for Obama to climb the ropes too behind Clinton - if it turns out to be her time - but the air is REALLY poisoned with those two.
  5. we will tear mccain up. he has more negatives than jeffrey dahmer. will be a field day on that lying sack of shit.

    did you see how stupid he was in the last debate? i would be embarrassed to back someone this incompetent. go bow ur head in shame for even mentioning this filthbag's name.
  6. Religion is a non-issue for Romney. Only an issue right now because Huck is running. Non-issue in the generals though. Only DEMs penalize a candidate being rich. GOP doesn't really care and in many cases prefers it. It is the perceived flip-flop that will hurt Mitt the most. Mac just hasn't been attacked sufficiently for his flipping yet. If Mitt gets the nom, he'd beat Hillary but lose to Obama.

    If Obama runs under Hillary it is over for the GOP nominee. I don't see Mitt and Mac running together under any circumstances. Rudy and Fred are the most viable VP choices among the current field. Others might include Condoleezza. Fred already went into VP mode and Rudy would be smart to.
  7. its all up to Florida on Tuesday. Everyone but Mac and Mitt are already toast on the republican side.

    If Mac wins FL, its all over.

    If Mitt wins FL, its a dogfight all the way to the convention I think.

    Hillary polls way ahead of Mitt, but that's cause much of the country still doesn't know who he is. I think it would be close with either Mitt or Mac in there.

    A Clinton/Obama ticket would indeed be strong, but they hate each other too much.
  8. I would say this is reversed.

    If Mac wins FL it is a dogfight. He will win the big states where he can focus his efforts. Mitt has the money to campaign in the smaller states. Mac doesn't have the money to compete on a national basis with Mitt. If Rudy stays in through Feb 5, then Mac is done for. Rudy and Mitt got awfully civil suddenly. Rudy may not get a VP spot, but a cabinet appointment is a given under Mitt.

    If Mitt wins FL it is pretty much over for everyone else including Mac, but he will stay in it until the end. Paul will stick it out till the end too.
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    I don't understand how Giulaini fell so far in the Florida polls. He had a double digit lead just a few weeks ago, and now he's toast? Why? I have no party affiliation and I'm in California, so I can't vote for a cadidate in the primaries anyway. but I really wanted Giuliani to win. It seems like everyone on this board would want him to win too as he has promised big cap gain tax cuts.

    Anyway, I got a message on my answering machine when I got home tonight from the Obama campaign. Very nice and polite, maybe I'll vote for Obama because he has good telemarketers.
  10. Rudy is sitting on 100,000 early votes....not reflected in new polls
    It is his only chance
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