See what we look like

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wwatson1, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. I thought the tread on usernames was so successful we could max the idea out and show a photo of what we look like.

    Here is a photo of me.

    Candle you may not want to call me brother anymore.

    This was taken when the nasdaq was tanking and I was long 3 positions.
  2. That really is me by the way
  3. GeeTO69


    LMAO!!!!! :-D
  4. WHAT!!!???:confused:
  5. nitro


    LMAO probably is

    "Laughing My Ass Off"

  6. good pic watson
    for those of you who didn't see my ridiculous picture it is... it's good for a I'm not high, just a little drunk visiting my parents on x-mas
  7. alain


    hmm.. and that's me. guess where... ;o)

    some symbolism

  8. I'm single and mingling. Here's a picture for the adult-viewing audience, courtesy of the elitetrader-connection!:D
  9. whoa! If I knew it was going to be that kinda party...! :)

    great pic Martha! even more motivation for me to move back to NYC
  10. Uptick2000, do they call you that because you know what makes a woman happy?:p :p
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