See how much faster your PC will boot up

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  1. Takes minutes to install, then reboot and it will tell you what to do to speed up the boot up process and how much time you can save...
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    Took ten seconds off bootup and it decluttered my system tray
  4. saved about 30 seconds and got a very clear view of further possibilities
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  6. a fresh/clean OS install on a machine without a bunch of junk will always boot more quickly than any "add-on" claims
  7. great software. Thank you.

  8. What is your normal boot up time ?
  9. so what if your dedicated trading rig takes 30 secs or 20 secs to boot...mine's ON 24/7, 365 :cool: i never turn it off, why you turning your's off??
  10. Now 1m 17 secs
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