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    I would like to ask computer literate traders.What are the risks for me if I have 2 computers connected to the Internet, one I use for trading and second is used by somebody else(with no access to my computer physically). I've got IB account. Is the password, ID user name in my files somewhere or not? Thank you.
    (I don't use browser based trading platform)

    P.S. At prop firms they share the connection but I do not think they can get into each others accounts.So my assumption is, it should be safe.
  2. Presumably the two computers are connected to a router/modem that provides the internet access. If so, you should really have a firewall that denies any network access to the trading computer from the other machine. Otherwise if the other machine is compromised, then an attack on the trading machine could possibly occur.
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    Yes that's the case. I use Zonealarm. I don't know if it prevents access from networked computer as well. I didn't find anything relating to the problem in the menu. Thank you
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  5. Symantec (Norton Internet Security 2006)

    I am an ignorant computer User relying on Norton. I have an IB account. Will Norton Internet Security 2006 offer me the security i need. I have heard of the term firewall, have I got a firewall by default (having the above mentioned product)?
    I use an ADSL connection and am the only person with access to my PC.
    Should I be taking any other precautions
    Forgive my naivity.

  6. Make sure you get this:

    Win XP has a firewall, but it was very basic and didn't stop outgoing traffic (they may have changed it now). Use a firewall like Zone Alarm that traps outgoing messages. This will help stop rogue programs from sending out your account data.
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    Norton Internet Security already has a firewall in it. you don't need 2 firewalls, so either use Norton or Zonealarm, but not both. they will just conflict with each other. also, make sure you disable the Windows firewall after you install your own. the programs may automatically disable it for you.

    even with a firewall and virus scanner, make sure you don't download and run any executable files (i.e., files with .exe extension). the virus scanners are basically just scanning for filenames that are known to be threats. someone can write his own virus/trojan/keylogger and your virus scanner will never find it.
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