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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by zdreg, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. zdreg


    security tool which is a fake anti virus program has lodged itself on to my computer and i can't get rid of it because it is blocking me from going into add or remove programs or into task manager.

    how do i get rid of this?
  2. Lethn


    Unfortunately you may need to format your drive but you should try using a spyware or anti-virus program first just to see. It may be that you only need to restart for it to be properly removed but if that doesn't work then format is the only option.
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  4. ammo


    i haven't had in problems with spybot in 5 years use,its safe .....if the virus will let you download it
  5. I have seen viruses in the past, where you could not open task manager,add remove, or any AV scan without them closing instantly. The blasted trojan would keep popping up and asking to download its AV crap, but block any attempt to halt it.

    I suggest to reboot in safe mode (F8 or whatever key sequence your bios uses), and usually you can run your scans (malaware bytes is good) again and eliminate the trojan that way.
  6. Can you tell what's the program called, if its redirecting to any webpage, the address would help.
  7. If it is the virus my pal was infected with then you better watch out!

    His pc was infected and the fucking virus traveled along the cable from the pc right up to his mouse and he ended up losing three fingers as a result.
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    Sounds like the one on my wife's XP computer a couple of weeks ago......couldn't do anything with it. We used the opportunity to do a clean install upgrade to Windows 7. Stosh
  9. Have you tried Malwarebytes' "Anti-malware"? ... free download, works great.
  10. I would reformat. If it's that pesky it could hide in the system restore or any number of places that many AV's can't catch. The best AV is Kapersky. They have a free scan.
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