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    Whitelisting a firewall is the reverse of the normal firewall. The normal firewall starts out with the entire web open and closes off the threats. Whitelisting starts with the entire web closed off and opens a computer only to the url's specified by the user. I'd love to have some white listing software firewall setup... I could take my laptop anywhere and trade and not have to worry about hackers... I had a Hotbrick hardware firewall that would whitelist but they failed and the company went belly up. My experience with whitelisting for the trading computer was very positive but I can't haul a hardwire firewall around and adapt it to wifi and all that....

    The discussions about white listing are few and far between, the commercial interests are in blacklisting software and commercial websites aren't going to promote whitelisting, they want you to find their sites... but basically, I don't want to find their sites with my trading computer...

    Is there some innate capabilities in Windows whereby I could select the url's that are allowed in? Is there some software that can do that? I found lots of stuff with parental controls that could whitelist email addresses and such but I want something very simple and basic where I put in the urls that can get past the firewall... I wonder how hard would it be for a programmer to write a whitelisting utility for Windows?
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    McAffee whitelists Web-sites. The downside you can't build your own exclusive whitelist. You have to use one provided by McAffee.
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    this thread could probably be moved to the security forum..

    I'm searching and I'm finding comments about BLOCKING url's using the hosts file and whatnot... not sure how to block EVERYTHING and then allow a few url's..
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    I believe panda software can do it, but can't remember for you have to use a firewall? what about an ipblocker?
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    The whole black listing industry is not going to discuss white listing that much... I've been told that making a utility to white list and run on a laptop is not at all complicated by a programmer that was selling some black listing stuff but he would not discuss it further.. white listing is the newest thing in commercial firewalling and there might be internal opposition to it like any change in any product... internet searches lead to commercial level software, white listing in a browser [I want to whitelist the whole computer], white listing email addresses... etc.. but nothing about simply white listing a laptop by entering a few url's...
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    I guess I'd want to have windows firewall running to do the spoof checking and then have a utility that further blocked the entire world except for a short list of url's...
  7. Eight, what s it exactly you are afraid off?

    If your ports are all closed, nobody can do any harm to your computer. Whitelisting is equivalent to making sure all ports are closed to all, including port 80 for HTTP. It is that easy. Then, you are communicating only with the IP or website you define in your broswer. No other machine can communicate with yours and no other requests will be served.

    Website to check if all your ports are closed

    I am all stealth. Are you?
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    get real
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    Someone correct me if Im wrong, but I believe if you are running XP, there are ports you can't close because of the OS. Also, if you do the shields up test, make sure you are not running through a router, in which case, shields up is looking at your router not the computer.

    Again, take a look at ipblocking, may be the solution you are looking for.
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    thanks, ip blocking seems to be the search term of the day..
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