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    the attactment is etrade security device,i think it is the safest way to protect your account ,is there other online broker (such as IB\ETRADE\Charles Schwab) which provide security device to protect you account?

    in the etrade web :
    Now, with the addition of our new E*TRADE CompleteTM Digital Security ID1, you can get an extra level of security that makes unauthorized log-on virtually impossible.2
    „X Receive a keychain-sized device that generates a personal 6-digit access code every 60 seconds
    „X Use the unique code with your regular User ID and Password to log on to your account(s)
    „X Keeps out hackers even in the unlikely event that your User ID and Password are compromised
  2. I use one to get into Morgan Stanley's Passport product, it is effective. Problem I got with the technology is the constant radio waves being generated by such a device, which many carry in their hip pocket on a keychain, in such proximity to vital body parts.
  3. I have a security device with my account at IB, works fine no problems.
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    Same as trend7rader