Security Council votes for no-fly zone

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  1. France, Britain and the US have been given the green light to conduct air strikes against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya after the UN Security Council approved a resolution authorising “all necessary measures’’ to protect civilians under threat from the Libyan regime.

    As Col Gaddafi threatened an imminent assault on the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, the UN Security Council passed a resolution endorsing the launch of a no-fly zone to halt government troops that are now around 60 miles from the city.

    The UN Security Council also authorised “all necessary measures” – code for military action – to protect civilians against attacks by Col Gaddafi’s forces. Following the vote, Barack Obama, the US president, conferred with David Cameron, UK prime minister, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, to co-ordinate “next steps”, according to the White House.
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    Then Obama returned to the golf course, while Michelle took the kids on a shopping spree.
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    what do other arab leaders have against gaddafi besides the fact that his security team is 40 female "virgins"?

    perhaps they are looking to disrupt the oil market for their benefit. it is obviously payback time but for what reason?
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    Finally the world leaders have just about done something

    yet it may be too little too late - we shall soon see
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    I recall Obama's team described Cameron as "lightweight" (via the Wikileaks) and yet it has been Cameron driving this UN process whilst Obama dithered, spending more time shooting hoops and golfing, before his team finally caved in and agreed to intervene In libya.

    Gates was angered when Cameron talked up a no fly zone two or three weeks ago, describing it as "loose talk", but if they had acted earlier then the Libyan operation would have been a much easier mission with less loss of life. It's better to act now than not at all, but an earlier and more decisive action would have sent out a clearer message.

    Maybe Cameron felt a sense of responsibility on the UK's part because of unelected Gordon Brown's 'mistakes' on Libya...but I never understood why Obama was so anti British, or anti Cameron? It seemed petty and churlish. Remember that Brown was never voted in by the British voting public, he was voted out.

    I for one, always hated Brown, and I haven't yet met anyone who agreed with the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber. Cameron and his party were always opposed to the release, so why Obama shun Cameron for someone else's f*** ups??
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    What bullshit flies nowadays. US aircraft attacking Libya, what's up with that s$%t? Libya has in no way attacked the US, the government of Libya in no way has asked for help.. The flakiest, stupidest, new agey people I know are cheering the rebels all over the ME, they think that rebellion is good just because the established order is not so good... idiots to the last man/woman, all of them...
  7. Huh? The government of Libya in now way has asked for help? Of course not, they don't need help. They are bombing their own citizens with jets and tanks. And it isn't just the US, it's the UN.
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    What really woke O'Bummer up was Gadshit is going to get rid of ALL western companies, especially the oil ones if he wins !

    Shouldn't be a problem zapping some ageing tanks and aircraft tho. Friendly fire from you know who is all there is to worry about !

    Might even see Gadshit on trial in the Haigue
  9. Get 500 of your friends, arm yourself with AR-15's, hop onto a chartered bus to DC and shoot up the Capitol. When the Capitol police starts firing back, remember to take videos on your cellphone, broadcast it to the whole Arab world. Wait for Iran to table a resolution before UN security council upholding the human rights of citizens to shoot at their own government and enforce a no-fly zone over the USA.
  10. you might be interested in alternative source of the information

    this site is in russian but you can use google translate and there are a lot of pictures to see what kind of peaceful citizens they shoot
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