Security: beware of BlackIce Defender

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    this for BID (version 2.9cai) there is v3.5 now
    second thing we have SP1 for MS windows xp
    please update your info before you post
  2. Sorry but I don't have Black Ice Defender but another firewall so I saw this information on GRC when I visited it now you should send the info to him. But all the same your last "patch" was a little strange wasn't it :)

    I'm little surprised: are you working for Black Ice ? Waouh funny to find you on a finance forum :)

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    Try Zone Alarm. It's free, has lots of features, and can restrict (protect you from) individual sites/programs very nicely.
  4. dottom


    GRC has always been very harsh on BlackIce, but from day one GRC was analyzing BlackIce out-of-context. BlackIce should be used as an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) in conjunction with other firewalls. Since it's initial release, BlackIce's firewall capabilities have improved, however, but I won't argue the pros/cons of using BlackIce as a firewall as it's been done ad naseum on various groups.

    Specifically regarding the GRC leaktest, BlackIce does indeed capture this and has for a while now. BlackIce introduced in its 3.0 version a tripwire like analysis of each executive ala Zone Alarm Pro. Zone Alarm doesn't have the IDS capabilities that BlackIce does and it's also crashed my desktops several times. Seems to be a lot heavier memory usage that BlackIce which is rather lightweight.

    Also, I think GRC's continued harping on the "leaktest" is a bit overdone. Again, this topic of real-time outbound connection management has been argued ad naseum as well on various groups.
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    These threads keep coming up about scanning and backtesting and i don't really understand what the issue is so I would be happy if someone could explain.

    is anything even remotely close to Wealth-lab?
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    I personally find GRC and their contributions to be positive and up front.If you read GRC's site it is also evident that what you call "harping" stems from a revelation that the defender folks did something >computer speak< that circumvented the grc test and actually gave concerned Black-ice users a false sense of security.
    He only pointed this out ,which is a rather bad practice when you sell security software.
    Buyer beware,I did not do my own research >broke my own rule< bought black-ice (they got their money) followed all procedures and my system never came back pain, with much effort beyond the normal won't boot sequence,got pc limping along ,with "defender " removed,and now have yet to get my norton systemworks to actually work as it did prior to the "icing" I got.I know all software comes with the possibility of a system crash,but this was my worse experience,bad,bad, bad!!
    I went to defenders help pages and it's obvious that I do not have the one and only system that their product has played havoc with.After all the reading ,I decided it was not worth the chance of another crash.
    I also learned the hardway concerning Systemworks by Norton.It seems that earlier versions users had discovered that by uninstalling the product and reinstalling allowed users to get virus updates year after year without paying.Well I have a licensed ,registered copy ,August 2002, and by the black-ice got thru with my pc ,I had registry keys screwed up,so nortons lost functioning.So I learn that norton's has made it almost insane to remove the program and make a clean install,even though most all of the disfunction says do a clean install.They even have special utilities to clean up after itself,I've used them all and still can not make a clean install.It looks like doing a major registry edit is my only hope to get systemworks 2002 back to its normal no hassle operation.
    I still like systemworks just alot less than previously,it was perfect before ice-ice baby.

    as far as Gibson research ,evrything that I've studied and used from their sight has been very beneficial and useful.

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    actually the thread is about retail firewalls (not industrial strength ones sold by checkpoint for example)

    And grc (as usual) is totally on the ball on this. Black Ice is a piece of crap. Especially when you compare it to a FREE firewall such as Tiny or ZA.
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    I've personally installed BlackIce from version 2.5 to present on over 150 different desktops, and upgrades last year using version 2.9 plus another 30 new installs, and just recently upgrades on all desktops plus 20 new installs using version 3.5 (all different configurations from 98, ME, NT, 2k, XP) and never had any problems. I was volunteering to setup desktops for local school district and non-profits. No problems whatsoever. Your experience sounds like an outlier.
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    Well I do not know the term outlier.I do know that I've installed very many applications,and have encountered some problems.This application has by far caused me the worst ongoing headache of any program.
    I'm glad it works for you ,why don't you go to work for them,or oh maybe you allready do!!!!!!

    it used to be you always pay for what you get, but you don't always get what you pay for, and now a new twist ,sometimes you get much more than you pay for > trouble <

    no more no less just my experience bubbaco
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