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    - Active Virus Shield by AOL (Kasperski) (freeware) real time protection
    - Comodo firewall Pro (freeware) real time protection
    - Spyware Terminator (freeware) real time protection
    - Spyware Blaster (freeware)
    - SuperAntispyware (freeware)

    Do not install: Ad-aware, Windows defender (terrible... (thank you Microsoft!!)), Spybot, Search&Destroy.
    Good solutions for the past, but now they are obsolete ( due to rare updates)

    I strongly reccomend this combination
    Besides, the entire system does not require high resources (CPU usage). Your PC will go faster and safe.

    Do not install Norton Internet Security (...will eat your CPU) and the product will not give you the same high protection

  2. Where can we download this from? Or do we have to purchase it.
  3. Lorenzo


    Antivirys Kasperski:

    Download your copy/ license and during the installation insert your code (emailed)
    Before installing delete any other antivirus is running on your PC (via control panel)


    It's easy. Install and answer yes with flags
    Everytime you reboot the firewall will not ask you again ... if you flags


    download and install

    Anti -Malawares:

    download and install

    All these tools are freeware and powerful and will give you a complete protection


    N.B.: If you have an old PC (and problems with CPU resources) you can avoid to install Anti-malawares
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    Thank you Lorenzo !
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  6. Unfortunately you cannot buy it any longer, but I have used Greenborder for well over a year now. They were bought out by Google. Before that they were a privately held company.

    To put it in layman's terms it basically runs a mirror of your system, or a hologram, whichever analogy works for you, and runs web browsers off of that image. CPU usage is very low.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Norton. My god what a hog.

    That and a good hardware firewall is all I need.

    Greenborder may become available from Google. I haven't checked in a while.
  7. what is best to protect source code of trading system ?
  8. Are all these free?
  9. Yes I believe that they are..
  10. Isn't Spyware Blaster and Spyware Terminator the same type of protection and but do the same thing?

    Does a PC need both?
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