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    I work in a place that has a secure, private network where everything is recorded, including keystrokes (I guess that would be pretty common, I'm just not very network savvy). It's not really policed much and there would have to be significant abuse to flag any need to review the history of whats been going on with any particular user...however, historically it IS recorded. I would like to check up on charts from time to time, and I've tried to use several charting services that can't punch through the firewalls. I could probably use a web based chart package that my broker offers, but I don't want to enter my password information as that opens my account information to someone if they were to review the history. It's a remote possiblity, but not one I am willing to take. I could probably get a separate user name that is not tied to my account, but, that would preclude the possibility of ever modifying a position. there any way to do what I want to do securely? Is there any way to encripted the information? Any other suggestions? Just out of luck?
  2. How are keystrokes logged. with hardware or software?
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    Use your own computer and a wireless account. Get an Android phone with unlimited data plan, plug it into the laptop and you're on the air...
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    Software I think.
  5. Find it. Run task manager [ctrl/alt/del] and check processes. Ending the process will stop the keylogger until you reboot.

    A reformat of the hdd can remove it too, this is all if it's software based.

    Add another hdd in the case and use it to run your programs after you disconnect the one with the keylogger.

    They can still see your activity at the network level, but not the particulars like the passwords.

    If it's hardware based the device will be at the back of your computer in line with your keyboard at the USB port.

    Unless they have your machine emulated at the network level, but I doubt they are going to that many people at your workplace?

    You can use the on screen keyboard or copy and paste your passwords, but that is not a sure thing with all keyloggers. Some of them take screenshots and log mouse clicks.
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    It's a big company (Fortune 150). One of the IT's guys told me the systems they have are pretty robust.

    Is there an easy way to identify a keylogger in the task manager?
  7. Check each process with Google. Or liutilities or neuber. Google it there are lots of sites that will tell you about processes.
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    Use your own computer and a wireless account or use a cell phone

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    As others have said.. use you're own equipment, but beware if your org is that paranoid about security you'll probably have to use a cell phone, or if you're lucky a tablet.

    I would choose and Android or Apple device based on what your broker supports bests.
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    I'll look into the possibility of turning off the keylogger. Google has turned up some interesting information. Thanks for the suggestion.

    All of you that have suggested using my own equipment, that may be the only way to go. I had thought of getting a dual core netbook and tethering it to my phone. We kind of live a sea of cubicles and I hesitate to do anything too conspicuous. They may not mind so much if I didn't abuse it, but I really don't want to have to explain myself continuously to others about what I am up to. I have a decent smartphone...a Droid X...but applications are really still lacking for what I need, even my brokers app is a pain. We'll see.

    Still open to suggestions if anybody would like to weigh in.
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