Sectors, Sectors, whose got the sectors?

Discussion in 'Options' started by bc1, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Hi, Other than trying to decide whether to close my Nov SPY 128/133 bear call spread for 13.25%ROR & 7.22%ROI or wait to see if they expire worthless for a 31.75%ROR and 14.87%ROI (which fits my expectancy), I have a question about market sectors.

    I trying to use various websites to evaluate stocks such as my bxchicago/options express, Yahoo, Option Monster, investools, and clear station/etrade and they all have different market sectors. I keep hearing about 10 S & P sectors but yahoo only lists 9. Clear station lists 11.

    The S & P 500 10 are Telecom, Energy, Materials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Financial, Healthcare, Industrials, Technology, and Utilities. The Yahoo 9 combines the two consumer sectors into one and has Conglomerates and Services instead of Telecom and Energy. The Clear Station/etrade 11 uses 8 of the S&P sectors but calls the Consumer sectors cyclical and non-cylical but has Transportation and Conglomerates instead of Telecom and Industrials.

    That is the rub. I use different websites to compare stocks and their technicals but part of the technical analysis is how they rate in their industry and sector. The wildcards are Telecom, Transportation, Conglomerates, Services, Industrials, and Energy.

    I'm just wondering how everyone deals with the sector issue as a stock may show good in one website's sector but different on another. Thanks. I'm also getting ready to open another account for my daughter's IRA and will probably use a different brokerage which I haven't picked yet.
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    Thanks Hustle. I haven't really been following the dow. They seem to have their own setup as well. Other than renaming oil & gas instead of energy, they have consumer goods and consumer services. Unless the dow's consumer goods and consumer services are the same as the S&P's consumer staples and consumer discretionary which would make them match up. Guess I'll try some examples to see.

    I see that is the wall street journal website. With all the phone hacking news corp has been doing, I'm not sure I trust any of WSJ reporting.

    I also closed that spy trade after it gapped up this morning for 5% ROI. Time to look aroundl.
  3. In that case, the good news is that the WSJ isnt the source of that sector map, they just lease it from DOW/FTSE ICB. The others you're looking at are probably the US SIC, the S&P's GICS or Thomson Reuters' TRBC, that is why you're seeing the differences. The ICB is the youngest of all of them, but as far as I know, its quickly taking over in regard to its usage by major institutions. The NYSE and NASDAQ have both adopted it, among others.