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  1. I'm curious to what others use and/or recommend for scanning sectors? I currently use Daily Graphs, and while it is quite comprehensive in some respects, it simply does not allow me to scan with the control and flexibility that I am looking for. Is anyone aware of another resource that has the ability to scan sectors (and industries preferrably) with a high level of efficiency?


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  3. I honestly don't think it "pays" to scan sectors or industries intraday nowadays. Most of the time, by the time you "scan" something, place your trades, etc, etc, you're somebody's lunch meat. Market is moving in spurts and *very* erratic in last few months with regard to sectors (intraday).

    Might be better to just "specialize" and continuously track a handful of sectors/industries minute by minute as opposed to scanning/alerts.

    Good luck though.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Just to be clear (which I wasn't), I'm not talking about intraday sector scans, I am referring to end of day scans.
  5. Well, then what type of control and flexibility are you looking for and what type of data do you need to include?

    Do you need fundamental data?

  6. I am really just trying to be able to scan sectors/industries for oversold/overbought conditions, new highs/new lows of the component parts, and momentum using RSI preferrably. I have ways that I currently do this, but it is tedious, and I am assuming that there is a better way that promotes efficiency. I would also like to be able to breakdown the sectors/industries into their component parts by filtering for avg daily vol, ATR, etc... once I have scanned for potential rotation in/out of the broader groups.

    I'm purely a technician so fundamental data is not necessarily needed.

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    dynamic trend scan sector , it rank sectors from strong to weak, so you know which sector get money flow in, then sector get break down into industries and rank from strong to weak and all stocls belong to that industry get ranked too, by that time you pretty much have your pick for the day.
  8. Have you considered telechart by worden bros?
    It's inexpensive and might work for you. The data is accurate and they might have a free trial. I use it for some specific tasks and like it. Usually you have to try several packages to find something suitable.
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    nkhoi or anybody else,

    Where can I get more information about the "dynamic trend scan sector"


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