Sector Leaders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by white, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. white


    Does it make sense to follow stocks that are outside the exchange you trade but sill in the same sector? For example, I trade MXIM and LLTC which are in the SOX. I watch AMAT since it is a leader in the industry. Does it make sense to watch INTEL? Its also a leader but trades on the NYSE? Any thoughts welcome.

  2. Jaba122


    I know people that watch 5 leaders of every sector even if they trade tier 2 stocks. I don't know where they get the bandwidth or screen real-estate to watch all this stuff. I don't watch tier 1 stocks (unless there's important news on one of them like earnings), I only watch sectors, nasdaq composite, Dow, and mini futures. If I trade semis, I watch SOX chart. Biotechs, NBI etc... Somebody will probably argue, but I found the leaders too distracting. I have enough headfakes with e-minis. I hope this helps.

    BTW Intel (INTC) trades on Nasdaq.