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  1. where can i find out sector information on stocks? I want to be able to find out what stocks are in those sectors.
    Ex: railroad or utilities stocks.
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  3. Dude, there are 9 sectors of the S&P. Should you be trading or investing if you cant recite the 9 sectors?

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  5. thank you for your responses
    I heard warren is going to invest in railroads that's why i wanted to know what stocks are in that particular area if I wanted to invest in a stock rather than the whole group
    and I heard on bloomberg radio that utilities sector should fly once we see a real bull market
  6. You are pretty late to Buffet's investment in rails . . . he's been involved in BNI for quite some time.

    He also has a very large stake in Conoco Phillips (COP) which he is currently down 40% on.
  7. so pretty much everything he bought this year is down