Sector & Index Stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by PitBull, Dec 27, 2001.

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    Hi everyone

    Does anyone now of a good source to find sector & index stocks? I just dont know where to start looking?

    Thanks for helping
  2. Go to's stock screener and group stocks by sector. Unlike a blanket list of sector constituents, the screener will enable you to refine your sector search by specifying whatever price and volume constraints you want.
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  4. I checked one basket (GSO) and saw Informix listed as a component of this software index. IFMX was swallowed up by IBM (I think) at least a year ago. I would not trust this source as being accurate and/or updated.
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    Thanks for your replies. Sorry I dont think I was clear enough. What I meant was indexes and sectors that you can trade.

    qqq, dia & spy for example.

    I know there is a lot of sectors as well...
  6. Has anyone traded these sector funds? Seems the spred on most of them is quite large and there is low volumn.
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    The Volume seems to be ok if you look at normal trading weeks and not for holidays like now. At least all the stocks on the list provided by Zinedine.
  8. The other thing to check is are you looking at volume from the AMEX website or your trading software? A huge % of the volume is done on Island which won't be listed on the AMEX website.

    Robert Tharp
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