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    Where can a find a list of stocks included in each sector index? For example, what stocks are included in $SOX.X Semiconductor index, $YLS.X Telecom index, etc? Thanks.
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    Thanks for the info Babak and Hitman.

    Do you understand how these indeces work? For example, the automotive index has a symbol of "AUXX"; however, I am not able to pull up a chart by entering that symbol in REALTICK. Is there a different symbol to enter to get the chart? Thanks.
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    Click on "indices" on the left side of the screen. Moby data is an excellent source for components BUT it does not give the weightings. You can also try they exchange which owns the index.

    Many people assume that all indices are market-cap weighted but there are a few different ways to weight an index.

    Types of weightings:

    1) Market Cap: (IUX BIX HCX RLX SPX) the higher the capitalization the higher the weighting.
    2) Price: (OSX BKX FPP SOX YLS and Dow Jones Indices)
    3) Equal-Dollar: (XBD BTK DRG XAL XNG XOI)

    Some indices are rebalanced quarterly and some monthly (usually the ones which have options).
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    I still don't understand. Is there a way that I can pull up a chart of "automotive industry - AUX"??
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    RT symbol for indices: $[symbol].X

    Example: $SOX.X

    There is also a symbol search option in RT
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    Are you able to search the Realtick database by keyword?
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    In many programs you can often bring up sector charts, etc. by putting a dollar sign in front of the sector ticker. For instance, the semi-conductor index would be $SOX. But Realtick, as Babak mentioned above, works a bit differently for most, so:

    $SOX.X semi-conductor
    $XOI.X oil index
    $XAU.X gold and silver

    Problem is, Realtick is missing many, many of the major indices, so there is no way to pull up AUX (Automotive), BTK (Biotech), GAX (Gaming), etc. etc.

    To me it's one of the real weaknesses of Realtick, or at least TerranovaMB who uses the Realtick platform (and took over all Realtick business from MBTrading). You can see their complete list at:

    CyberTrader has quite a few more indices available but they are still missing far too many.
  10. RealTick has a ton of different sector indexes. Set up a Market Minder, right click on it, and click on Load Symbols.

    It will then bring up a menu of over 110 different indexes, including the SOX, BTK, GSO, NWX, etc.

    Hope this helps!
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