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    Question for everyone: I've been searching for a site where the composition of stocks in indices is listed. For example, I don't even know all 30 stocks in the Dow. And of course there are different Dow indices (transports, utilities, etc.). What stocks comprise the BBH, or the QQQ, or the SMH, and what are their weightings? I'd also like to know what stocks are in the precious metals index ($XAU) and lots of other indices. For those of you who subscribe to, someone wrote John a post a year or more ago and asked this question. Unfortunately, I lost his reply, and I recall at the time that when I tried to reproduce the instructions he gave to use his site to find these answers, I couldn't make it work for me. If anyone knows how to use his site (or, with whom John and Greg are closely allied) to find this info, please reply. I've also been told that this info is somewhere on yahoo finance, but I couldn't track it down with their search engine. Thanks in advance, Tasuki
  2. On Yahoo Finance, SOME of the indexes will show you the components if you put @ before the index. Keep in mind that Yahoo uses a ^ insted of a $ before the index symbol.

    So to get the components for the XAU, type in @^XAU
  3. from there click data, then index components.

    if you want have to spend time going to about 6 different websites and tracking them down.
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    Thanks to those who have replied so far. Two on-topic questions: 1) Is it true that the ETFs, such as the holdr BBH, have the same composition as their respective index (for BBH I'd guess it would be $BTK)?
    2) I'm sure the composition of the holdrs, spdrs and other ETFs is located on the websites of the institutions offering them. Can anyone tell me which financial institutions offer the most popular ones, like BBH, SMH, etc?
    Thanks, Tasuki
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  7. The BTK is NOT the same composition as the BBH (if that is indeed the symbol for the biotech holder product).

    The holder ETFs and the indexes you are likely thinking of are not the same... they may have some degree of correlation, but they are not the same.