Sector growth rates three years ago and now

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    At the end of each trading week I print out 31 sectors of the market and rank then by their annual growth rate. For the week ending 04/15/2005, (the market had been selling off slightly at that time, but overall it was a kind of sideways market), only two of the 31 sectors had a negative growth rate. Drugs was declining at a 0.45% rate and electronics was declining at a 6.38% annual rate. At the other end of the scale, Metal/Mining was growing at a blistering 54.26% annual rate and Energy was growing at a 47.79% annual rate.

    I just printed out this week's sector rankings and we have a different story. Only seven sectors are growing at a positive rate, 24 are negative. However, Metal/Mining is still leading the pack growing at a 38.81% annual rate. Energy is ranked third place growing at a 15.12% rate. The worst laggards are Real Estate, as you might have guessed, declining at a 32.32% annual rate. Specialty Retail is next worst declining at a 29.31% rate, and it is the apparrel stores that are dragging it down the most.

    I don't like letting things get flushed down the memory hole, so I keep most of my notes to help remind me how we got where we are. Probaby not much valuable trading info in this post, but I thought it might be interesting.
  2. what growth rate are you using for ranking, earnings?