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    Does anyone know a website that would provide a free industry/sector/subsector breakdown of the market in a list format? Thanks
  2. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. The link takes you to a list of sector indexes which in turn link to the lists of components. Hope this helps.
  3. I currently do a realtime indices analysis in RealTick. I would like to do a real time sector analysis. I also would like to do a sector analysis over a given time frame. Aay suggestions?

  4. <i>I would like to do a real time sector analysis.</i>

    Could you elaborate on that?

    Plugging the sector indices into the RT Tal Alarms and watching them hit new highs/lows was helpful to me, fwiw.
  5. Thug,

    I'm currently using the TAL Indexes and corresponding TAL Chains. Although the indecies are a broad view of the sectors, they are not a tight view. Check out this url. It will explain.

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    Thanks for all those that replied. I also found a list of sectors at but the most comprehensive and well designed list was at TradeStation (I did a trial a while back). Is there anything resembling that outside TradeStation?
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    Could you elaborate on how you do the real-time indices analysis in RealTick? And are you looking to do an analysis of all the sector's from the link you provided? I'm trying to figure out how to get you the information you are seeking, hopefully with the above information we'll be able to figure something out.

  8. THO-Mike,

    Here's what I did. I created a Minder (M1) with most of the TAL Chains Indicies ($XXX.CH) and linked it to another Minder (M2). When I click on the chain symbol in (M1), the issues that make up the index appear in (M2). (M2) is ordered on percentage change.

    I created another Minder(M3) that is not linked to anything. M3 contains all of the corresponding Index symbols ($XXX.X). M3 is also ordered on percent change.

    So looking at M3, I can tell which indicies have moved the most/least. I then locate the corresponding Index chain in (M1) and click on it. M2 shows me the the stocks from that index.

    It would be nice if M3 could have a column named "Chain" that I could type (and store) the corresponding Chain symbol. This would eliminate the need for M1. Then I could just click on the Index symbol in M3 and M2 would update.

    I would ultimately like to achieve a realtime sector analysis where in one minder I could see all the sectors and their percentage change. When you click on one of the sector symbols, another minder would populate with all of the sector components. The reason that I prefer the sectors over the Indicies is that it allows you to focus in better. The goal is to identify the best performing stocks in the best performing sectors and vice versa.

    I do not want to get the info from the yahoo link. I want to get the exact same info from realtick displayed in two linked minders.

    Is there any reality that RealTick will implement this? If so, do you think it would realistically be anytime in the forseeable future? If other traders were interested in this also, would it help? Thanks for your help and efforts.

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