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  1. Casso


    There is a course by Larry Levin

    It sells for $ 2995. Have anyone any experience of this course and is it worthwile?

    Thank you very much
  2. mmillar


    What's are Secret Soft Raders?
  3. BSAM



    Hardly anything is worth $3,000 (unless it involves Pamela Anderson:p ); but ESPECIALLY not in the world of trading. Buyers beware!

  4. ROFL... $3000 That might buy one of her boobs !!!

    Seriously though I almost bought that course myself awhile back.

    Ask around this board you might get it for allot cheaper second hand.

    DO NOT buy it for full price you will be sorry. Rarely are these things worth 1/8 th of there value.

    Let us know if you find it for cheap I would still like to have a look at it myself for $50.00 or so.
  5. Cutten


    I bet you $2995 it is not worthwhile, especially not compared to what $2995 would buy you.
  6. boris


    search the board it they drop the price to 1000 etc. Nothing special! not worth much more than a regular book
  7. abogdan


    This is a quote from their web site:

    "By combining the current price with prior key points (many of which are totally unknown to traders who have been around for years) the Secret Trader is able to develop a structure which guides him throughout the day. This structure is the framework in which the successful trader operates. It enables him to move around in the market and trade based on current market action"


    "Give me $3000 and I'll give you carefully disguised, camouflaged and massaged pack of technical indicators (MA, RSI, PIVOTS etc.)"

    Take $3000, prepay for 3 years of TradeStation (or for 5 years of WLD) and you are all set.
  8. Here is the secret: They are going to take 3k out of your pocket...
  9. TGregg


    Just yesterday I got a nice letter from some options dude who has this swell alert system that can make 43%/week. It's only $300 a quarter. I was going to write him and offer 100 million for his system like this:

    "I'll send you a dollar. After three months at 43% compounded weekly you should have over a hundred bucks. After another three months, over ten grand. After another three, well over a million, and after a year well over 100 million dollars. I don't see how you can refuse an offer of over 100 million dollars, unless your system is not as good as you say."

    Unfortunately, I carelessly threw the mailing into the trash, so I cannot cash in on this wonderful opportunity.