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    Anyone have any info on the course on es trading offered by l.levin?
  2. Its a scam.

    The whole system is based on market profile and 10 minute candlestick engulfment patterns.

    Buy a used copy of Dalton's market profile book (mind over markets)and google candlestick engulfment patterns and you will have everything in the secrets course as well as saved yourself a ton of money
  3. I thought I heard Levin had to go back trading in the pit because he couldn't trade offscreen. What does that tell you?

  4. Dalton's market profile ?
  5. Yes
  6. For the record I don't think market profile is a scam,but the fact that Larry Levin repackages Dalton's fifty dollar book and trys to sell it for thousands makes him a scam artist in my opinion.

    levin also claims in his sales pitches that he makes thousands trading 2500-3000 contracts per day.while there is some truth to that,what he doesn't tell you is that he makes that money with his partner at the exchange scalping/arbing the small price differences between the big contracts and the minis(You can't do that from home).he doesn't make that money from the techniques in his course
  7. You are correct.He has to sell his snake oil to make ends meet
  8. TRIPLE SCAM !!!!!!!!

  9. Why ?

    Because he shows his statements proving that he makes big money ?
  10. Once again,he makes that money with a partner at the exchange arbing the price differences between the big and small contracts.When you subtract his partners half of the money and the money it cost to join the exchange,he isn't bringing home what his statements claim.
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