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    Does anyone out there have this course?? It was developed by Larry Levin.
  2. Secret #1:- Would this be a reference to Open in relation to previous Close's Value Area/Range from 'Mind over Markets' by Dalton et al? In which case surely one needs at least one time period (i.e. 30 minutes) to evaluate it (and not 2 minutes as you state), or is it a reference to Open/Drive Open/Test Drive etc from the same book? If this is the case I notice reference on your site to '4 types of day' - what happened to the other 2???
    Secret #2:- I would imagine you are talking about standard pivots, S/R, perhaps with previous high/low, and a coupla fibbo's thrown in, with a methodology of observing the market and seeing where it creates new S/R during the day (quite often whole numbers etc etc).
    Secret #3:- Is this the rejection into the Value Area technique from 'Mind Over Markets'? If so, the authors specifically warn against 'blindly' following it...
    Secret #4:- Is this the 'single frame' (or 'Other time frame') analysis technique of determining if a trend is underway from 'Mind Over Markets' ? (again?).
    Secret #5:- No idea what this could be, could be ANY pattern - Leaping Engulfments? Dojis?
    Secret #6:- would this be by any chance the 'Inside Day' or 'NR4' day method by Crabel et al?
    Secret #7:- sensible advice re not getting rich quick overnight...always useful
    Secret #8:- Sounds like the usual 'how to deal with the setback' info popularised by MArtin Cole, Douglas etc - probably the MOST important info any trader can digest, IMHO.
    Secret #9:- Mentoring?
  3. Just downloaded a hilarious wmv vid from his site - "It's a bunch of crap" is the quote! (except fro his stuff, of course!!!!! arf!).
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    I bot it. About 50% is useful. A chat room is available at $200 per mo which is very good. Contact: "Dan O'Brien<obfutures@
  5. woooow! Did u actually pay like 3k bux for it? Or was it cheaper then?
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    I paid 2K. I believe the price has been raised.
  7. Tell me one thing. What is a #4 day?
  8. chop day - the market wobbles up and down between the floor trader pivots.
  9. Thanks a lot wappers2. I've been reading their emails and have
    always wondered what a #4 day was. You think I would of been
    able to figure this out by looking at the chart... :D
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    Having seen a previous post at ET, I studied their website quite a bit, downloaded some things and looked at them, and also spoke with someone there on the phone.

    Still undecided, I spent some time with the folks they had at the recent Online Trading Expo in NYC. This last experience took away any desire to pursue this. The answers I received were so short-sighted and one-sided, their opposition to any type of decision support software so unwarranted, and, imo, their knowledge about trading so limited and skewed, that I was surprised. Based on this final experience, I thought that there was nothing there for me to learn.

    I consider myself to be fairly open-minded and love experimenting with innovative approaches to trading. Also, I have often complained here that some members of ET are too quick to express negativity and have always refrained from doing so. However, although I have tried my best (short of buying it,) many things about this secrets of traders thing have told me to look elsewhere. Oh well, I must be getting old :)
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