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    I am selling this course. Great day trading course designed for trading the S&P futures. The course is complete: 2 manuals, one teaches the system and the other covers trading psychology. If interested send me a PM or make me an offer.
  2. I'll give you $2 for the course... :D
  3. Why do you want to sell such a great system?
  4. Then show it to us! Show how profitable you have become from this course.
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    Baruch, I am an intermediate term trader and wanted to educate myself further. Knowing daytrading techniques gives me tremendous insight in to how to enter and exit with precision. I am a swing trader and I prefer stocks. So I am selling the course because I know the material inside out and I have no further use for it. I would only recommend this to those who want to trade the S&Ps. It is complete in that it encompasses multiple strategies and one of the manuals covers trading psychology.
  6. Do they really teach you "secrets"?
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    Kicking, no. It should be called "Secrets" of Traders. It is tongue in cheek, they explain there are no secrets which is why the methodology was created. It strives to be consistent and eliminates the common practice of novices trading in a non-systematic manner.
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    you can subscribe to their email service to see how their secret system worked out. This is an exempt for today.

    Serious traders,

    Latest update for "Secrets of Floor Traders", 12/22/03.

    Today was another extremely slow and choppy trading day. The first 30-minutes of the day was 100% of the entire range, until very very late in the afternoon. By the close,
    that first half hour still accounted for 70% of the total range. So as I said, it was very slow and choppy. Overall,
    there were 6 trades: 1 trade lost, 4 broke-even and 1 was a winner.

    "SECRET" TRADE #1 - The first trade of the was filled about 15-minutes after the open, which was the "v-a" sell
    near 1087.50. The market rallied past the stop before dropping which resulted in a 1.50 point loss.

    "SECRET" TRADE #2 - The next trade was filled about 45-minutes after the open, which was the "v-a" buy near 1088.50. After 20-minutes of "nothing," the stop was moved to break-even and filled. The choppiness had only just begun!

    "SECRET" TRADE #3 - Shortly after that last trade was exited, a "valid" sell was filled near 1087.00. The S&P dropped to 1085.30 and eventually refused to go any lower. So, After 20-minutes of "nothing," the stop was moved to break-even and filled.

    "SECRET" TRADE #4 - The market went nowhere at the lower prices and by the late morning a "valid" BUY had been entered near 1086.80. However, the market didn't want to rally either and after 20-minutes the trade was exited at break-even.

    "SECRET" TRADE #5 - The S&P had spent enough time building a base that the "trending BUY" had been triggered and filled near 1086.50 in the early afternoon. The S&P rallied over 2.00 points and a few traders who I spoke with said they took it while it was there. In other words, it had been so choppy that they believed that was about all the market would yield.

    "SECRET" TRADE #6 - The final trade of the day was a re-entry of the "trending BUY" near 1088.00. But the crazy sideways lethargic trade continued just a bit longer. Take a guess how much longer...just a shade past 20-minutes. So the trade was exited at break-even even and then, finally, a trend actually materialized going into the close.
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    Not very patient, are they? :D