Secrets of the world's greatest hedge fund revealed

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    I want to thank all of ET for their support of me and other members who are dealing with major health issues. It is truly heartwarming to receive support from people I've never even met.

    I want to repay all of you in a meaningful fashion. To this end, I have discovered the secrets of the world's greatest hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies and will now divulge those secrets. Enclosed in this pdf is information that will BLOW your M1ND! If you thought Charles Tanti's no lose bond arbitrage system was amazing, wait till you read this paper.
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  2. Simples


    From the bottom of my heart, my deepest regret now is only not studying this years ago when I began my quest. Now it is finally over, and I finally see now, what Wang et. al. was trying to say so long ago. But no, we just didn't listen and fucked it all up.

    For me it was the throughput that was missing. What was missing for you all?
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  3. Gambit


    I.P. Freely's keen insight into market behavior.
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  4. Overnight


    The aha moment for me was when that block size stayed constant across successive generations of IBM PC Juniors.

    I will be applying this new ambimorphic dynamic of cyberinformatics in my multi-plexing array next year, and to great success!
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  5. tfp


    April 1st has come early this rolltide season, you have indeed found the unspoken secrets of trading success!

    There’s a typo on page 1, but once this is fixed, the meticulous effort and care by the authors is impressive.

    The irony is this is probably the most effective paper ever written about non-Bayesian trading systems...
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  6. RRY16


    Thanks for your generosity, once Handle123 takes off his hedged soy bean trade from the 70's he might share with you his cure for Cancer or was it narcolepsy, I can't remember but it has to do with some kind of Texas snake venom and cacti .
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  7. fan27


    From now on, before anyone asks any trading related question on this site, they need to be required to read that paper first.
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    You crack me up. :D
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  9. mfocus


    Indeed, full of Black Swan Droppings.
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  10. Gambit


    Does the patient have to be bit by a rattlesnake? LOL!
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