Secrets of the windbaggers...

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  1. Read this on a blog:

    I've noticed some tro//ish interloper_s on the thread and thgt. I'd share an article I found from the Daily Kos. It reports from an actual training session held for tea partiers:
    ". . . The trainer, Austin James, was instructin_g Tea Party members on how to "manipulat_e the medium". This is what he told them:

    "Here’s what I do. I get on Amazon; I type in "Liberal Books". I go through and I say "one star, one star, one star". The flipside is you go to a conservati_ve/ libertaria_n whatever, go to their products and give them five stars. ... This is where your kids get informatio_n: Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster. These are places where you can rate movies. So when you type in "Movies on Healthcare_", I don’t want Michael Moore’s to come up, so I always give it bad ratings. I spend about 30 minutes a day, just click, click, click, click. ... If there’s a place to comment, a place to rate, a place to share informatio_n, you have to do it. That’s how you control the online dialogue.._."

    Over 75% of the funding for American Majority, which hosted this training session, comes from the Sam Adams Alliance. In 2008, 88% of the alliance’s money came from a single donation, of $3.7m(13). A group which trains rightwing libertaria_ns to distort online democratic processes, in other words, was set up with funding from a person or company with a very large wallet.
  2. LMAO!! Yep, you heard it here first folks, for just 3.7 million, you can control the internet!! The fact that most of the nation has libertarian/right wing sentiment is in fact due to a broad libertarian conspiracy to control the internet!!! Even dailyKOS(krock of sh!t) says so ! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!