Secretary of State warns Obama – miss hearing “at your own peril”

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    Obama Accused of Contempt of Court in ‘Birther’ Hearing

    Secretary of State warns Obama – miss hearing “at your own peril”

    Friday, January 27, 2012

    President Barack Obama was accused by prosecution lawyers of being in contempt of court after failing to show up for a ‘birther’ hearing in Georgia that seeks to establish whether he is eligible to appear on the state ballot in November.

    As we reported earlier this month, so-called ‘birthers,’ those who claim there is evidence to suggest Obama was not born in the United States, hailed a judges decision to hear the case as a potential roadblock to Obama even being permitted to run for a second term in the White House.

    “Lawyers for area residents mounting “birther” challenges told Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi that Obama should be found in contempt of court for not appearing when under subpoena to do so. But Malihi did not indicate he would recommend that and cut off one lawyer when he criticized Obama for not attending the hearing,” reports the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

    “It shows not just a contempt for this court, but contempt for the judicial branch,” lawyer Van Irion told Malihi.

    Earlier this week, Obama’s lawyer, Michael Jablonski, requested that Secretary of State Brian Kemp suspend the hearing, claiming it was not a legitimate issue and insisting he and his client would boycott the hearing. However, Kemp fired back, warning that the hearing was necessary under Georgia law and that Obama and Jablonski’s failure to participate would be “at your own peril.”

    Attendants packed the Georgia courtroom yesterday for the trial brought by residents who affirm that Obama was born in Kenya, making him ineligible to be US President.

    The ‘birther’ argument was addressed by the White House in an unprecedented acknowledgement of the controversy surrounding the issue last year when a document purporting to be Obama’s birth certificate was released to coincide with the publication of bestselling author Jerome Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate?

    Corsi and other skeptics were unconvinced by the move however, claiming that the document is a forgery created using modern computer techniques and has numerous discrepancies with a genuine 1961 birth certificate created by a typewriter.

    Corsi has also presented evidence that the supposed social security number contained on the document was never issued to Obama and in fact belonged to an individual in Connecticut.

    One time Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump repeatedly raised questions surrounding Obama’s background during the spring of 2011 before going cold on the issue, a move Corsi claimed was an organized political stunt to neutralize the issue.

    The judge in Georgia is expected to make a final ruling on the case after February 5, by which time attorneys are required to file their briefs.

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    Someone should tell these morons that you do not need to be born in the USA to be a US citizen.

    His mother was a US citizen, thus he is too. Case-fucking-closed...

    These people make the mentally handicapped look like scholars.

    Ann Dunham

    Born Stanley Ann Dunham
    November 29, 1942
    Wichita, Kansas, USA
  3. It's not quite that simple. You have to a "natural born" citizen. Just because your mother is american doesn't automatically make you a natural born citizen.
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    Obama's vice-assistant to the chief clerk of the secretary for the contingency spokesman's pool reply to Secretary of State - pound sand.
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    It is quite simple.

    Because you mother and father and grand parents too are american, doesn't automatically make you a natural born citizen.
    Being born on american soil does, according to the man who is generally accepted as the father of the Constitution.
  6. With Obama pissin off Georgia he'll be down to campaigning in just 56 states.

    Opps almost forgot about Arizona, make that 55.
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    what does the constitution have to say about renunciation of citizenship, or dual citizenship
  8. Ricter


    "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!"
  9. Is it fair to bring Don Henley into this?

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    You do need to be born in the USA to be a "natural born citizen", a requirement for being President. My understanding of the case is that the prosecution is <i>not</i> claiming that Obama was born outside of the United States (contrary to what some of the audience in the court room might think) but rather that "natural born citizen" means that <i>both</i> parents had to be citizens of the United States (Obama's father was not).

    Frankly, this seems like special pleading to me, as I have never heard of such a restrictive definition of "natural born citizen" before Obama got elected.
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