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  1. Guys I have learnt the secret in achieving success. In this thread I will only discuss trading. this is not just an opinion. you will not find this anywhere. this thread may even be deleted by someone.

    the secret to succeeding in trading is Sense T. Sense T is a human sensation that triggers decisions - when it comes to gambling or making a bet, or making a directional decision. It is not knowledge, and you may even feel it in a sensual sense at times in your chest or lungs. to succeed at trading, all you need to do is recognise it and strengthen it. This is done in various ways, which I will now explain.

    If you are confused, do not worry. you do not need to know what Sense T is. In fact those that have it on don't know of it either and falsely believe they are intellegent. Every human has Sense T. in fact it is a biologically part of all humans, located in their self-defence and stress control set up.

    Envoking Sense T can be done in various ways. for example it can be done by imagination. this is primarily theoretical and is achieved through education. while some may call it education, it is not. it is the imagination of conceptions, which provakes Sense T to possibilites. Ofcourse this is the same thing if you read alot - especially random puzzles. Another main call to Sense T is through all senses. e.g. smell, touch, sound. In trading the main root is vision. in actual fact, even a very stupid person can succeed in trading - this is because while information that is passed visually to their brain is not processed efficiently, it is also passed to Sense T. - in which case even monkey from the ZOO can be trained to succeed at trading over time. The key to access Sense T through your senses, is done by comprehension of senses. For example, if you lack focus, you do this by looking at the same thing over and over again. if you find this difficult, trade by sound - try using a synthesiser to recognise market movements with eyes shut, and over time you will strenthen your Sense T and it will help you. Monkey's on the street call this experience. but they don't know what Sense T is - and they are not the same thing, although the more experience you have can promote Sense T - ONLY IF YOU ARE CHANNELING TO IT. for example a person can spent 10 years trading and monkeys call it 10 years experience - but if Sense T has not been channeled, the person will not succeed.

    Examples of basic procedures with applications to trading:

    1. print graphs and look at them, rather than watch on screen.

    2. Print price movements.

    3. Draw charts with your own hand with pen and paper LIVE as market is moving.

    4. DO NOT THINK.

    5. DO NOT THINK.

    6. the reason for 4 and 5 is, again, Sense T is not intellegence. it has nothing to do with intellegence. it only need to invoke it, and this is done by accessing over and over again through the right channels.

    7. Trade by sound, temprature, colours etc.

    8. imagine decisive situations in the market. imagine over and over again continuelly, and make YES OR NO decisions.

    This is enough for now. I have said enough to give a basic explaination. if you have read this thread, you are very lucky.
  2. I feel so special already.

    But, THANKS... I see some resemblence in this work to my Pursuit of Perfection.
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    Wow, and here all this time I thought it was acute bronchitis!

    If I want more than the basic understanding how much will it cost? My checkbook is open, name the amount.
  5. Is this Jack Hershey? I'm going to my quiet happy place now....
  6. gut instinct, and if your gut is wrong. committ hari kari, that will teach it!
  7. Psychology, self-actualization, and "Sense T" will get you no closer to success than using astrology as the basis of your trading.

    You either have techniques that outperform the market :p or you are deluded. :confused:

    Everything else is smoke and mirrors.
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    we are in your debt sir, in your bloody debt

    your words ring true, truer than his
  9. This sounds like Automatic Writing or Ouija Boards.

    Seriously, do you like looking like a dunce or are you just this clueless???
  10. Everyone's innate Sense T should've kicked in by the 2nd paragraph of the OP, to alert you that it's strictly for entertainment and not to be taken seriously.
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