Secret of 5 bankers

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  1. Five bankers(B,L,G,M,M) and sheriff(E) were on a trip, one day they found they were short of supply, so four of bankers decided to do something so they could make it. First they put highly radioactive material under sheriff's bed, after the sheriff exposed to lethal dose radiation, he became so sick and had to quit. Without the monitoring of the sheriff, they stole Banker B's supply. short of food and water, B became very weak within 24 hours. The four bankers now agreed that B couldn't make it so they pushed B over the cliff. B didn't die immediately, he managed to call the base, so the tribe leader helicoptered B to the base with help of pilot (J). B felt into comma soon after arrived at the base. People with inside information think B deserve it because he is one of the largest drug dealer second only to banker L, even worse B got two of his family member addictive and took as much as 30 time lethal dose and died violently last summer. B supposed to report on Thursday, now he got there on Monday. Although L was the large drug dealer and even was the patent holder of the drug CDO, but L didn't take much and actually quited last summer after two family members of B died. After hearing B's incident, everyone seems worry about L since he was the biggest drug dealer but what they didn't know is that L has a lot international connection and learned how to survive in the toughest environment since 98 trip. So the four bankers decided L and G who stole most of B supply and ammunition to report to base first on Tuesday. Fearing L might look weaker, they gave him additional two rounds of bullets which L didn't need. After L and G arrived at base on Tuesday, people were all cheering their achievements in such a tough environment despite their slim looking. The tribute leader were so worry now decide to provide additional 75 tons of supply for the future trip. M couple sneaked in back door on next day but everyone just focus on what happened to B, L and G.

    Doctor said B will be comma for at least 28 days and might stay another 28 days if needed, but insider said B might never get back to bussiness as usual because the four other bankers had stolen too much from B
  2. Doctor has announced that B will be in persistent vegetative state, Pilot J will get paid for $2 for lifting B's remains...

    Tribe leader sent G,H and couple M additional 25 tons of fuels.

    Remember it was most G,H MM who had stolen B's vital supply...
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    I know that you're talking about bear stearns and stuff but you don't have to put it forth SO INCOHERENTLY
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  5. Does anyone understand this story now?
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    I abhor allegory and refuse to read your mess.

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    Funny because your Inglis not so good.
  9. I just dropped two tabs of window pane, I'll let you know what I come up with in an hour.
  10. This sounds like LSD to me.
    He's hallucinating.
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