Secret news system?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by marketsurfer, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. You got over 11k posts and you are debating this ?

    Come on man, if it smells like scam....

  2. That website's from felix.

    Thats the Russian dude who used to run all his forex websites from his GF's apt in Marina del ray.

    Thats the dude who got indicted by feds along with his GF as she paid someone a mustang to get a green card by marriage. He got an internet priest licence to solemnize the marriage.

    ahhh Google Google Google

    But you never know.... THIS might be legit. :D :D



  3. Forget those green/red indicators, we've got hyperclick!

    and the test drive won't cost one red cent...

    --BUT-- Before you can start your "free" test drive, have that credit card ready!

    sounds legit to me.

  4. yeah, man, journalism is my hobby. some people golf, i write to relax.

    yeah, definately looks scammy, but has been around for several years---im curious,,,,no one has any first hand experience?

  5. its a news trading system that hacks a bloomberg feed, based on expected and reported and degree of deviation, the API is linked to brokerage accounts that get sent automated orders with stops.

    I'm not going to talk bad about anyone.

    a friend of mine has coded a similar system, liquidity providers pulled the liquidity away since, he was able to react quicker with the news then the providers.

    I haven't talked to him in awhile. His size started approaching 100 mil, before the providers wised up.

  6. good info, thanks!

    hacked bloomberg feed, LOL!

  7. Any site that uses a $5 "Success" template off of EBay (and looks like most of the spam emails I get for investments) already has told you what they are about.
  8. No need to read any further :p