Secret Gun Provision In ObamaCare Law

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. pspr


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  2. pspr


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  3. JamesL


    So Nancy was right after all!
  4. pspr - the joke of ET!

    Is there a bigger bigot than this clown!

    He dislikes Obama because he is black, not due to anything meaningful!

    pspr, what's it like to hate other human beings because of their color or ethnicity, etc.

    LOL lol
  5. pspr


    SCOTUS isn't done with it yet. Besides, most of us Constitutional scholars on ET think Roberts just had a brain fart. :D
  6. ;

    You usually have some good points;
    but this time 100% wrong.About 50% of the nation voted against the socialist, HI Tax ,, baby butcher..............................................
    Thats like saying liberals voted against conservative Clarence Thomas because he is black; not saying that

    He did say he would not take away the Illinois farmers guns;
    so if he was tellling the truth,, he may avoid impeachment.And again ,,he may not avoid impeachment.:D

    Ps are you some kind of PSpr''hater'' LOL?????
  7. Lucrum


    Your second steaming pile of shit today.

  8. True.A few of his previous posts about black people

  9. well, you don't like Obama. My wife likes him and I am neutral.

    Is there any President you did like - a LOT?!

  10. Lucrum


    NO, you're not.
    #10     Jan 11, 2013