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  1. Never said it was easy only that there is an underlying order within chaos that is there if you are clever enough to find it; or if you are open to seeing it. I doubt many are, most sabotage themselves subconsciously before ever getting the chance to understand.

    Keep looking 777, it's pretty darn satisfying when you find it. PM me if you want some online mentoring :)

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    When the consolidation takes too long, the Market Makers need to do something to get the market moving. Because during the consolidation the volume would be low, and MM would do whatever they can in their power to create traffic and volume. So MM is another force that could facilitate the trends in addition to the collective dominating big players.
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  3. BSAM


    A San Diego Zoo monkey can be taught to trade.

    However, the same monkey would never be able to figure it out for himself.
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  4. Good thing we are humans and possess the ability to figure stuff out on our own.

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    First sentence: Very funny. Austin you should have gotten into politics.

    While I'm not quite sure of the context of your use of the word "pattern / patterned", I basically agree with your post and think others should take some notes.
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    Exactly. I often think, though, that there are lots of monkeys posting on some of these threads. Know what I mean?
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  7. I dont know about monkeys, but there are certainly a lot of people on here who make things a heck of a lot harder on themselves than they need to.

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    austin is correct........With all due respect, that is just another flailing trader posting his frustrations without merit. He simply hasn't figured it out yet. Any moving market makes repeated, predictable, highly predictive pattern sequences for exploitation. That never changes

    you can actually see "stop runs" if you know what to look for.
    If you want i'll pull my pants down for you.

    maybe someone will throw rocks at me for giving away hard earded (years) of work for free.
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    Hmmm...Well, didn't your mother or brother or maybe a good pal ever say, "Fire, quit acting like a monkey"?

    What they meant, in a friendly sort of way, was that in some area you weren't trying hard enough, or dedicating yourself, or looking at things from different perspectives, or disciplining yourself with rules, or lacking some self-confidence, or trying to take the easy way out.

    They knew you could be successful, if only you would stick with it and apply yourself.

    A lot of folks just monkey around, but then they never decide to work harder to achieve what they want, so they drift into mediocrity.

    And, what does that make them?
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  10. Agreed :)

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