Secret defense bill slipped through the house today

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  1. Interesting that during all this noise about the 800 billion bailout, the house passed the mysterious 600 billion defense spending bill and sent it to the senate today.

    In the bill it has 1 billion for the radar system to put in the czeck republic, and 5 billion worth of earmarks added for the pentagon. It also increases military wages.
  2. If the economy crumbles, better get the military ready to do some grunt work and straightening the world...
  3. achilles28


    Thaz right.

    US carries a big stick when no ones buying their treasury debt.
  4. Mecro


    Take note of local police forces being bolstered up also, all while crime has been steady or declining for over a decade.

    They are getting ready for something.
  5. Aok


    The second half of the chicanery:

    Buy our debt or we'll invade you.
  6. Wow, what a ludicrous comment.
  7. so goes each comment on this thread.
  8. 600? That's all? Cheap is what it is. About 4% of our GDP. A small price to pay.
  9. Probably, like a few hundred billion is anything to our economy.
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