seconds before disaster

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    I thought it would be fun to try and remember some things I was thinking before I lost my shirt. You have any?

    1. I'll go for just one tick today (normally don't scalp)
    2. It HAS to hit ##.## (or the famous corollary: there is NO WAY the market can go to ##.##)
    3. Pork bellies sure can move, I think I'll give it a shot
    4. I don't think this report will mean much
    5. This market is going nowhere, I should be ok without a stop while I (nap, run errands, etc.)
    6. How can the market go anywhere but up? Thanks Wall Street Journal!
  2. Pork bellies is a dead market soon to be terminated. :)
  3. 7. Stay calm ... it's certain to come back.
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    I traded bellies 10 years ago. Those fast 100 pt moves were exciting.
  5. 8. "This is still a good trade, I think I'll average in some more to improve my cost basis."
  6. This time its different
  7. Mav88


    Dammit! Last time I bought the top, so i'm staying short no matter what.
  8. 9) well,if going short is wrong,going long must be right
    followed by:

    10) damn it to hell..i just dont believe this...
  9. 11. It's OK; a skilled trader knows when they can break their own rules ...

    .... always followed by 10., above
  10. I'm doing great.
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