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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gordo, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Recently got a used computer, that I am interested in setting up to use as a secondary unit for stock screening, research, etc. It has Win 2003 server (xp?) on it, and is supposed to be a P4 3ghz chip with HT capability, 1g ram, and 80g hard drive, onborad NIC card. Other than that, it's a pretty bare unit, no CD rom, etc. Question is, when I turn it on, it asks for the administrator password (which I don't know - used machine, just got it), thought that it was ready to go out of the box. What is a good low cost way to get this thing functional, as I'm low computer tech skilled, and what would it likely cost? And other than going into the system specs, how do I verify that it's a P4, etc.?

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  2. I vaguely recall that if you do either F2 or F8 on start up, you can get into the bios and change the admin password I believe? Maybe some on ET can help you more though. Mine shows P4 right on start up. I run a program called CCleaner, it's free, that cleans junk off your computer, and it tells you your computer specs too. Check google if you are interested.

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    try "Administrator" as password.
    most people leave it at that, or leave it blank.
  4. Um, no. If that were the case, there would be no security at all.

    If you don't know the Administrator password, and don't have a password reset disk, then you will not be able to log on to Windows XP, and will need to reinstall the operating system and recreate any user accounts.

    There are some programs available on the web which claim to be able to reset the password(s) without access to an Administrator account, but these are not Microsoft programs, and are not recommended. If you do wish to try one of these programs (at your own risk), a web search should turn up a number of options.

    To see what's on your rig, go to Control Panel/System.
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    Alright, sounds like I might have to have it serviced to get it going, I don't have any of the disks, and there is no CD or floppy. I do have the ccleaner on another machine, and it seems to work well.

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  6. If your computer is Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, or eMachines, you can call support and give them your computer's serial number... they'll usually send you reinstall disks for $20 or so. But you'll still need a CD-RW to install.
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    Another "dumb" question, how do I figure out why there is no sound coming from my computer? it has the speaker plug in on the back of the system, looks like the one on the motherboard. Is there a driver, or a connection that needs to be made? Thought that it would just be the standard Intel sound device, since it's an INtel p4.


  8. 1. There needs to be a driver installed. If not #2 or #3 below, check the website of the computer maker and install the driver. Also the driver might be corrupt. Uninstall/reinstall if necessary.

    2. In Control Panel/Sound, there is a tic box to "mute" the sound which needs to not be checked.

    3. Another possibility... Start/All Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Volume... see if any "mute" boxes are checked, and uncheck if necessary.

    And if none of these get it, I guess you're just f*cked! :D
  9. Yep.... try "Administrator", "password", and just leaving it blank while hitting return.
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    Give your computer a clean install; get a cheap floppy drive from Fry's and down load a floppy boot disk software from Microsoft. Install, it's that simple.
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